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Command-Tab Plus
Keyboard-centric application switcher for your Mac ⌘

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command-tab plus - mac application switcher alternative

When working with a lot of apps that run simultaneously, switching between them becomes a problem, because it is time-consuming.
Command-Tab Plus is designed to let you switch between apps in a faster and more convenient way.
It helps you to get rid of the chaos that happens when there are too many apps running at the same time.

Is a great alternative for Mac's built-in command-tab app's switcher

Command-Tab Plus Is a Powerful and Customizable macOS App Switcher

Command-Tab Plus Is a Powerful and Customizable macOS App Switcher

Switching apps on macOS with the Command+Tab shortcut is great as it is, but there aren’t any built-in tools to customize how the app switcher works. Command-Tab Plus is an app switcher that adds just that.

Command-Tab Plus adds a number shortcut, so you can easily switch to an app without tapping a bunch of keys...

Command-Tab Plus Is a Powerful and Customizable macOS App Switcher


Command-Tab PLus - number shortcut, so you can easily switch to an app without tapping a bunch of keys.

Use icon numbers to quickly select and switch between apps. To do that, use a shortcut to open the switch window and simply press the app number on the keyboard.

This will significantly save your time!


Command-Tab Plus - hidden appscmd-tab alternative

By default, Command-tab Plus hides the icons of all inactive (hidden) apps. This function allows you to quickly switch between the apps you are using at the moment, so you will not be distracted by the other apps. The Command-Tab Plus settings let you enable the hidden apps to be shown, thus, the inactive apps icons will be marked (semitransparent) and displayed at the end of the list.


Command-Tab Plus - can also isolate workspaces so apps in one space don’t appear on another, and it can hide inactive apps entirely, which is handy if you have a lot of app in the background that you don’t need showing up in the switcher.

When using Command-Tab Plus, it displays only the icons of the apps running on the current display or space. Thus, it isolates the apps in one space, and the apps in other spaces. Of course, you can disable this function in the app's settings.



The Command-Tab Plus settings allow setting up a keyboard shortcut, press it and you will see a switcher window. Besides, you can configure Command-Tab Plus to be shown up instead of a "regular" window to switch between applications. Or you can setup another shortcut to use simultaneously with the regular app switcher. Command-Tab Plus works similarly to the "regular" switcher. It helps to organize the work with spaces and external displays in a better and more rational way.


Cmd-Tab - customize

The Command-Tab Plus settings allow setting a theme colour, a highlighted element colour, a window frame colour and icon sizes. Basically, you can customize it.


How To Install and First Run

0. Check the settings "Allow apps downloaded from:"

Apple menu > System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, then click General
Allow apps downloaded from: App Store and identified developers

1. Download and run the Command-Tab Plus

Confirm move to the Applications folder

3. Authorize Command-Tab Plus to use Accessibility Services

4. Opening settings or or hit
⌘ + ⇥ (command+tab) to display switch panel

Tips for using Command-Tab Plus

When the Command-Tab Plus window is active, use the following shortcuts:

- Tab - select the next app

- Shift+Tab or '(tilde) - select the previous app

You can also use <--> and your mouse to do that

- Q - quit the app

- H - hide the app

-Esc - hide the switcher window without switching to the selected app

Command-Tab Plus - Applications switcher for Mac

Command-Tab Plus

A quick, convenient and keyboard-centric application switcher for macOS

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